Millennials are killing everything If you are reading news headlines, that wouldn’t surprise you, that millennials are actually serial killers. They have already killed many things and are killing even more. I thought of this recently, procrastinating, as usual, instead of preparing to this talk. I’ve tried to count all the things millennials killed (or killing them right now) since 2016. (And I took this year as it becomes a year people started to notice. [Read More]


How Google motivates me to turn to alternatives While I am an iPhone user, I am using quite a lot of Google’s products - Google Maps, Google Trips, Gmail for work email, Google Voice, and some other. While some of them I use with a personal account (maps, voice, trips), others - with work account (e.g., Gmail). Although all of them are separate applications, they cannot be genuinely separate as all of them trying to share the same login. [Read More]


My photo on Unsplash has +4,456 since last month views. I am not sure what is going there, and why it is so, (except one other photo, with 1200 views, all others are 20-30 views), but decided to write here, that I have an Unspash page -


Solar Eclipse

This story happened to me about 2 years ago, in August 2017, when America was waiting for the full solar eclipse. I was thrilled about the possibility to see it in my own eyes. I decided to take a trip to Oregon, where the closest spot with full eclipse visible was. Day of the eclipse was Monday. I planned to drive Sunday to Oregon’s border, stay for a night in a hotel, and starting at 5 am Monday, drive to the spot where full eclipse will be visible. [Read More]


At the beginning of the year, I’ve started an experiment with reclaiming my time from social networks. Besides setting time limits to Instagram and Twitter apps on the phone, I’ve also deleted facebook application, unfollowed everyone in facebook and deleted all my content there. I was pretty surprised with the results I’ve got. Previously, I often found myself reloading FB feed to get new or missed posts. That now makes absolutely no sense, as I always see “No new posts. [Read More]